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Classic Touch Estate Sales - FAQ's

Why do people use our services?

There can be any number of reasons to use our services: The passing away of a loved one, downsizing, or a move into assisted living, moving out of town or out of state, the need to empty a house of all contents in order to prepare it for sale, or the desire to turn a collection into cash.

What happens first?

It starts with a free on-site visit. Once we can see exactly what the house contains, we can talk to you specifically about the options that we can offer.

I live out of state, but the home is in the Metro, can you handle this?

After we've done a walk through of the home locally, we will talk by phone or  e-mail. We do this all the time.

What happens to all the items left after the sale's over?

While we sell most of the items in a sale, there is always some left. You can handle it, or hire us to pack up things for charity, and dispose of unwanted items. In a day we have the house emptied,  leaving the house broom-clean and vacuumed. 

What are "Numbers" and how do they work?

There might be  2 different types of "numbers" handed out for sales. "Temporary numbers" are handed out by the first person to arrive at a sale- as early as the day before if it is a great sale.  They will usually sit in their vehicle, and have a sign on their car indicating that they are the one handing out "numbers". If you are the first person- start making numbers on paper and give them out! This ensures that the first person there is also the first one in the door. If you have a number, don’t leave- it can invalidate your number. Our numbers are given out the morning of the sale. Our staff will exchange your "temporary number", for a "permanent number". You are allowed to leave with your permanent number, but be when the sale starts- we go by numbers as long as the person is in line.

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