Saturday, May 18th & Sunday, May 19th

West Bloomington


Numbers at 8:30 Saturday


Coming soon!

​What are "Numbers" and how do they work?

There might be  2 different types of "numbers" handed out for sales. "Temporary numbers" are handed out by the first person to arrive at a sale- as early as the day before if it is a great sale.  They will usually sit in their vehicle, and have a sign on their car indicating that they are the one handing out "numbers". If you are the first person- start making numbers on paper and give them out! This ensures that the first person there is also the first one in the door. If you have a number, don’t leave- it can invalidate your number. Our numbers are given out the morning of the sale. Our staff will exchange your "temporary number", for a "permanent number". You are allowed to leave with your permanent number, but be when the sale starts- we go by numbers as long as the person is in line.

Upcoming Sales

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